Security Research Labs (SRLabs) is a cybersecurity consultancy and research collective committed to making the world more secure. We strive for real-world impact at scale. Our innovative security research and consulting for global technology leaders has a direct impact on people, processes, and technologies that will continue to underpin the security of billions of people’s digital lives every day for years to come.

“Making the world more secure” is an ambitious goal that is not imaginable without a solid foundation of community. SRLabs experts share a strong sense of responsibility to foster productive dialogue, within SRLabs, across client teams, as well as between industry, the research community, and the public at large. We work to develop and communicate security expertise and insights clearly, widely, and responsibly so that security can be baked into technology and culture at as early a stage as possible.


At SRLabs, we understand diversity and inclusion as both our great strength and our great responsibility. Our work requires us to develop creative solutions to a wide array of complex problems. The best solutions come from being able to approach problems from a variety of perspectives, combining ideas born from different educational and professional backgrounds, unique life experiences, and diverse racial, cultural, and gender identities. We further want to foster an inclusive environment that is supportive and welcoming to all and therefore actively encourage applications from people with backgrounds that are underrepresented, especially in tech and leadership.


Lifelong learning and continuous improvement are fundamental to our business and our culture. As a company, we are never content with the status quo and constantly seeking out new challenges and setting ambitious objectives. Our projects are never easy and always stretch the skills of even our most experienced experts. Constant on-the-job growth and knowledge sharing, mentoring, monthly in-house trainings, and support for external courses guarantee the professional growth of everyone on the SRLabs team.

  • Ben Schlabs

    Chief Operating Officer

    “ At SRLabs, you never get to be the smartest person in the room, and there’s always someone who sees things from an unexpected angle. ”

  • Andrea Lau

    Executive Manager, SRLabs Hong Kong

    “ Our projects constantly require new ways of thinking. Working with teammates who are kind and at the top of their field makes a huge difference. ”

  • Vincent Ulitzsch

    Ethical Hacker

    “ Working on client and research projects, I immediately experienced what aspects of technology are important for real world security and how to make them comprehensible for people. ”




Berlin, DE

Hong Kong