As a Red teamer (Senior/Junior) at SRLabs, you work in a small and specialized team simulating infiltrations of corporate environments with high levels of protection for our clients. From obtaining initial access via external vulnerabilities or phishing, over lateral movement and to a domain takeover, you take part in the full chain of emulating adversarial cyber attacks.

        To remain undetected and complete your mission, you are able to avoid noise and bypass detection solutions and other protection measures. You analyze protection and monitoring gaps for their technical and operational root causes, and provide actionable steps for closing these gaps, bearing in mind the customer specific constraints our clients are facing. Your strategic advice supports the management in defining the security roadmap and employing security budget most effectively.


        • Participate in red team engagements at SRLabs' clients
        • Perform external penetration testing and run phishing campaigns
        • Bypass protection measures and move undetected inside corporate networks
        • Develop tools, scripts and exploits for red team engagements
        • Create presentations to communicate risk and provide strategic advice on process optimizations
        • Support the client in addressing findings, in both, written and verbal communication
        • Develop methodologies to extrapolate from Red Team insights to generic security assurance checks
        • (Optional) Lead red team exercises and take responsibility for what comes with it (scoping, task management, escalations, ...)


        • Strong baseline knowledge of information technology, covering topics like
          • Operating systems
          • Networking and web technologies
          • Programming languages (e.g. Python, C(++), Rust, Go, Java)
        • Curiosity and a high awareness for quality
        • Excellent communication skills in English
        • Experience in the field of offensive security

        Nice to have

        Relevant expertise from areas like

          • Penetration testing (Infrastructure, web, ...)
          • (Azure) Active directory security
          • Malware delivery and development
          • Incident response
          • Vulnerability research and exploit development
          • Reconnaissance, OSINT and social engineering
          • Operational security and bypassing of security measures (AV/EDR, endpoint and infrastructure hardening, SIEM generated alerts, Honeypots, ...)
          • Experience in management consulting and communication

          Perks and Benefits

          • This is a unique opportunity to join the world of Cybersecurity in Berlin
          • Diverse team of motivated Security Experts
          • We will help you grow further both through trainings and our unique coaching approach
          • Flexible home office
          • Yearly Company retreat to Tropical destination
          • Urban Sports club membership
          • BVG Pass (Public Transportation)

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          We are looking forward to receiving your application.